Transitional Housing

transitional housing

Empire Real Estate Group is excited to offer transitional housing to our clients. Often during the building process or during relocation, you may find yourself without a place to call home, sometimes for months at a time. Through our business partners, we offer short term housing and storage. We have a number of 4-bedroom, 3-bath units in the FM area, as well as storage units for your packed belongings. Short-term quality housing is difficult to find. We want to make your home buying process as stress-free as possible by offering our beautiful newer properties to our clients.

*Note: availability is based on current occupancy. We have a network of property managers who should be able to find something that fits your needs. Let us take care of you. 

Storage Units Available

We have storage units available for rent to store belongings while you are waiting to finalize your home purchase or waiting on your home build.

Twin Home Walk-through


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